Plastic collection yes, Greenwashing No

Coca Cola organized last week a cleaning of the beach of Cala Galdana, as part of its project "Circular seas". This would be an activity to celebrate, just as we celebrate all initiatives aimed at removing the plastic that invades the environment of Menorca. We say that it would be an activity to celebrate if it were not for the fact that Coca Cola is the company that produces the most plastic, more than 3 million kg of plastic, each year, according to a study by Break Free From Plastic. To give you an idea, the equivalent of more than 88 million 1-liter plastic boliles. In addition, according to the same study, more than 85,000 plastics have been found in the last 5 years identified from this company in 78 countries. Pepsico, which is the second most polluting company in the same study, has found 50,000 plastic waste.

Instead of cleaning up the same plastics they produce, this company, and many other food multinationals, should stop packaging and wrapping with single-use plastic much of the products they sell us.