The Plastic Free Menorca Alliance is formed by various entities in Menorca with an important trajectory in the protection and preservation of the environment and that, through the Alliance, join forces and knowledge to fight against plastic pollution.

The Plastic Free Menorca Alliance is structured in two figures: motor entities and platform entities.

MOTOR Entities

MOTOR entities contribute time and/or funds and/or resources to the Alliance in tangible ways.

Currently the Plastic Free Menorca Alliance is formed by the following MOTOR entities:





The main objectives of the Alliance are:

  • Certify companies located in Menorca that carry out actions to reduce the use of plastic.

  • Know the regulations applicable to waste on the island, especially those related to plastic waste.

  • Promote the implementation of the "Action Plan for the reduction of plastic pollution 2030".

  • Study local suppliers and businesses that offer alternatives to single-use plastic.

  • Carry out information campaigns that contribute to the reduction of the use of plastic, especially that of single use as well as the impacts of plastic pollution on the island.

  • Create and be the coordination platform of the different entities working towards a "Menorca Without Plastic".

  • Participate in projects of interest and that allow networking and improve knowledge about plastics.

To which groups are our actions directed?


We offer free technical advice to companies and entities interested in reducing the use of plastic.


We offer information to the population through different means such as social networks, talks, awareness outings, etc.


We have 0 Plastic Experiences, a communication and awareness campaign to reduce the use of plastic among visitors to the island.