PescART Menorca reforzará su estrategia comercial en 2023


In 2023 PescART will strengthen its marketing thanks to the contribution of €10,000 granted by the Fundació Sa Nostra and CaixaBank. With the aim of strengthening and reinforcing the commercial viability of this initiative, the Alianza Menorca Sin Plástico will carry out several actions, ranging from the creation of a website as a showcase for the products created by the artisans and companies involved in the project, to the realization of training focused on commercialization and environmental communication. On the other hand, in accordance with the collaborative spirit of the project, the Alliance will offer training to interested people to provide them with tools for creating artisanal products with discarded networks.

PescART Menorca aims to convert discarded fishing nets into new commercially viable products in order to reduce the significant environmental impact that this waste was assuming. In this sense, the project aims to restore value to waste, promoting the circular economy and the symbiosis between the preservation of the environment and the local artisanal sector, while seeking cooperation between the productive sector, that is, the fishermen's associations, and the key actors in the social field, as the Foundation for People with Disabilities of Menorca. Thanks to the project, on the one hand, it avoids generating waste, taking advantage of it as raw material for new commercially viable products. And, on the other, the generation of employment and green economy is promoted, linking it to social integration actions.

It should be remembered that the PescART Menorca project was born in 2021 thanks to the support of Menorca Preservation, Ports IB and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Its first steps were the installation of containers for the collection of nets in Fornells and Ciutadella, the organization of logistics to collect and store them, and the realization of workshops to incorporate new people and ideas into the project.

Finally, it should be noted that PescART Menorca seeks collaborations, both from people from the craft guild and other productive sectors with the capacity to give a new use to the discarded nets, as well as from the fishing sector and any initiative of a social and cultural nature aligned with the Vision of the project.