Eleven points for reusing beach articles in Menorca

Menorca will enjoy this summer eleven points located in different establishments and beaches of the island to reuse beach products such as parasols and beach games. With this pilot test, the Menorca Without Plastic Alliance aims to reduce the abandonment and generation of waste derived from these products, thus promoting their collective use.

The points are distributed to different parts of the south coast of the island: 7 of these points can already be found on the beaches, in the municipality of Ciutadella a Cala en Bosc, Son Xoriguer, Cala Blanca and Santandria; and Sant Lluís, Punta Prima and Binibèquer. The remaining 4 points are located in different tourist establishments: 2 hotels, the Royal Son Bou Family Club and the Mestral and Llebeig Apartments of Set Hotels; 1 to Son Bou Campsite; and, 1 at the headquarters of Maó de Autos Menorca.

For the creation of this network of reuse points, 11 boxes made with recycled pallets have been manufactured, donated free of charge by the San Crispin Cooperative and by Dispreu, which have a door to access inside and be able to pick up and leave the items comfortably. On the other hand, the sides of the boxes are designed to leave the parasols, reducing the risk of them flying out on windy days.

The initiative is part of a long list of actions focused on reducing plastics in Menorca, worked during the first year of life of the Alliance and which were finally included in the "Action Plan for the reduction of plastic pollution in Menorca 2030" prepared by the Alliance and the International Union for Conservation n of Nature (IUCN) in 2021. To continue with this roadmap, the environmental organization Menorca Preservation, has obtained funding from the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 to continue its support to the Menorca Without Plastic Alliance and carry out this pilot test along with many other initiatives, such as the installation of 11 water fountains in different parts of the island

All these initiatives can be seen on the Menorca Sin Plástico website and are part of the "0 Plastic Experiences" that unites all these actions that seek to reduce our plastic consumption.