PescArt Menorca

The main objective of PescArt Menorca is to turn discarded fishing nets into a new commercially viable product, made by local artisans and in collaboration with the Foundation for People with Disabilities of Menorca, promoting the circular economy and enhancing the relationship between the preservation of the environment and the local artisanal sector.

How was PescArt Menorca born?

Several entities of the Menorca Without Plastic Alliance had detected before the financing obtained that a significant volume of fishing nets were discarded every year, around 700 and that an adequate management of these nets was not carried out.

In 2021, thanks to the support of the IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the financing of Didier and Martine Primat Foundation, it was possible to make a pilot test of reuse of fishing nets discarded by fishermen and, thus, "PescArt Menorca" was born.

What was the pilot test of "PescArt Menorca"?

The pilot test carried out in 2020 has followed the following phases:

1. Contact with fishermen's guilds and the Foundation of People with Disabilities of Menorca.

2. Collection and analysis of fishing nets.

3. First workshop with artisans.

4. Experimentation with networks.

5. Second workshop with artisans.

6. Economic analysis of two selected products.

7. Third workshop with artisans.

8. PescArt Menorca Exhibition that has had the support of the Artisan Center of Menorca, the Fundación Fomento del Turismo and the Insitut Menorquí d'Estudis.

See the document where the project is explained.

What products have been created with fishing nets?

1. Key rings by ArtSpai

2. Earrings and necklaces by ArtSpai

3. Bag by ArtSpai

4. Lamp by Silviva Vivó

5. Bag by Caramuixes

6. Lamp by Madga Triay

7. Notebooks by Magda Triay

8. Postcards by Magda Triay

"PescArt Menorca" continues in 2022

We will continue the "PescArt Menorca" project in 2022 thanks to the support of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the funding of Menorca Preservation and Didier and Martine Primat Foundation.

The planned actions are:

  • Locate containers for the collection of nets for the project.
  • Create a logistics of collection and storage of the collected networks.
  • Continue working with the Foundation for People with Disabilities of Menorca.
  • Make new workshops to incorporate new people and ideas to the project.
  • Track the products in the pilot test.

If you are interested in participating in "PescArt Menorca", please contact us.