Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca

"Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca" is an initiative that is based on the proposal of challenges to overcome through a mobile application to introduce actions to reduce the use of plastic in Menorca.

The campaign "Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca" that began in March 2021, continues until June 2023, thanks to the support of Menorca Preservation and Beyond Plastic Med. This second edition incorporates improvements in the App, new challenges and novelties in the awards and communication of the project.

How to participate in "Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca"?

Participating in the initiative is very easy, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. 1. Download the GoZeroWaste mobile app.
  2. 2. Register and select the Menorca campaign.
  3. 3. Access the challenges and the map where you can find establishments where you can perform some of the challenges.
  4. 4. When you do a challenge, you must upload a photograph that demonstrates its realization and the technical team of the project pours them.
  5. 5. If it is correct, you will add points and participate in the draws that we carry out every two months.


Download the app

Last challenges overcome

Check the map to see the establishments where you can perform challenges

Results of the first year

Participants in the app

  • 79 participants.
  • 191 challenges overcome.
  • 205 waste saved.

Participants in activities

  • 50 participants.
  • 50 challenges overcome.
  • 3,533 waste saved

Establishments available in the app

  • 33 establishments.