Action Plan for the Reduction of Plastics 2030

The Action Plan for the reduction of plastic pollution in Menorca 2030 has been jointly developed by the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation and the NGOs that are part of the Menorca Without Plastic Alliance.

What is the action plan for the reduction of plastic pollution in Menorca 2030?

This report focuses on providing clear guidance on the prevention of plastic waste in Menorca. It has the function of serving as an action plan for decision-makers and policies, both public and private, in Menorca. The report focuses on the following three sectors:

  • tourism
  • fishing
  • Waste management

In particular, attention is paid to how to reduce and reuse plastic materials in the first place, and if unavoidable, how to optimise and boost local recycling and improved plastic waste management, in order to identify acollective framework and implementation timetable.

Why an action plan for the reduction of plastic pollution in Menorca 2030?

In Menorca, unintentional dumping of plastic into the sea (coming exclusively from uncollected plastic waste) is mainly motivated by a very high generation of plastic waste per capita. Tourism is a key sector in defining a strategy to reduce plastic pollution, as it is estimated thatthis sector contributes to more than 20% of total unintentional discharges of plastic into the sea, followed by the fisheries and waste management sectors. . To face the current and future challenges of the generation of plastic waste and its leakage to the environment, it is necessary that the three sectors mentioned know and act to stop the plastic leaks of their activity. This document aims to be a guide for the definition of strategies in these sectors with the aim of reducing plastic pollution in Menorca.

In 2022, we will launch actions of the Plan

Thanks to the renewed support of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the funding of Didier and Martine Primat Foundation, we will implement the following actions contemplated in the Action Plan:

  • Continue with the project "PescArt Menorca".
  • Training for companies in the HORECA sector to reduce the use of plastic.
  • Training for companies in the agricultural sector to reduce the use of plastic.
  • Study and pilot test deposit-return system for plastic products with a high and temporary use by tourists as umbrellas, children's beach games, etc.
  • Install a water source in a place of high tourist influx.
  • Certify 10 more companies with the distinctions of Plastic Free Menorca.
  • Study the plasticization of food products from large supermarkets in Menorca.