We installed a filtered water fountain at the port of Maó

On March 23,2023 we presented the first source of filtered water that the Plastic Free Menorca Alliance has purchased for Menorca with the aim of reducing the consumption of single-use plastic bottles.

The initiative was born from the identification of the use of plastic bottles as an important pollution element within the "Action Plan for the reduction of plastic pollution in Menorca 2030" prepared by the Plastic Free Menorca Alliance in 2021 together with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Given this, the Action Plan proposed as a measure within the tourism area the installation of drinking water fountains with filtered water in points of high tourist influx in order to reduce the use of bottled water on the island.

Thus, thanks to the funding of the IUCN, Fondation Didier et Martine Primat and Menorca Preservation, and the collaboration of Port Authority and the Cleanwave Foundation, a filtered water source has been installed in the Moll de Llevant of the port of Maó. This fountain will become part of the network of filling points promoted by Cleanwave Movement, an initiative of the Cleanwave Foundation, which has more than 60 public fountains installed in the Balearic Islands and traceable through its free app, and, thanks to additional funding, Menorca Preservation will work to expand this network on our island through the Menorca Plastic-Free Alliance.

This is the first source of Cleanwave that the Plastic Free Menorca Alliance will install on the island during 2023, but it will not be the last since Menorca Preservation has obtained funding from the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 to reinforce the work of the Plastic Free Menorca Alliance, and one of its actions to be implemented this 2023 will be the installation of 10 more fountains in Menorca.

Thus, this 2023, it is expected to have 11 sources of this type on the island and we hope that both tourists and residents will use them and thus reduce plastic waste. The Menorca Without Plastic Alliance will monitor the use of the source to analyze the impact that this initiative is having.