The City Council of Maó joins the campaign 'Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca'

The campaign "Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca" has been in operation since the end of March and is an initiative of the Plastic Free Menorca Alliance and Go Zero Waste, which had received initial funding from Menorca Preservation. With the financial help of the Maó City Council, which begins this month from April to January 2021, the project will be expanded with the addition of ten more challenges, to the initial thirty challenges; and one more activity will be designed with citizens and a total of three activities of the campaign will be carried out in the municipality. On the other hand, 10% of the City Council's economic contribution will be used to buy prizes in the municipality (products that help reduce waste, tickets to special tables, dinners, etc.) of which we will raffle each month with the participants of the campaign, promoting the local economy.

Yesterday, Thursday April 29, the first collaboration activity with the City Council was carried out, creating a small reading club on books that help and motivate people to live without plastics. The event took place in the Mahón Library, which we thank for its collaboration by giving us a room. For those who could not attend, in the next few days they will be able to find the recommendations on the website of the Plastic Free Menorca Alliance, on "Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca" and on the website of the Mahón City Council.

According to Marta Pérez, coordinator of the Plastic Free Menorca Alliance: "Each contribution is a great boost for the project, since it allows us to propose more challenges to citizens and improve functionalities. We are very happy that the Maó City Council joins the project, and we hope that the Mayonese population will receive it with the same enthusiasm with which we do the project. "

In the words of Martí Morató, co-founder of the Go Zero Waste application: "Minorcan citizens can play to complete challenges through the mobile application that has been enabled for the campaign. Therefore, technology is an ally to encourage small actions that promote local commerce and the reduction of waste on the island. Finally, these actions have a direct return within the commercial and cultural fabric of Menorca ".

From the Mahón City Council, says Conxa Juanola, Councilor for the Environment, "we fully share the objectives of the Menorca Plastic-Free Association and thus join the campaign so that, with everyone's environmental commitment, we move towards a more sustainable world."