Plastic free school

September, school holidays are over and classes begin. You have to go back to the routine of preparing takeaway breakfasts, renewing school supplies, etc. What if this year we try to reduce single-use plastic in school-related routines? How can we do it? We give you some tips:

  1. Individual plastic bottles. No thanks. Buy a reusable bottle and refill it every day. No plastic and cheaper.
  2. Say goodbye to plastic wrap, transparent, or whatever you call it. It is totally expendable. You can use a lunch box to put breakfast. Another option if you want to wrap breakfast with waxed paper or a cloth napkin. The most economical option, the lunch box that you can use many, many times.
  3. Strawberry, chocolate, fruit smoothies, etc. Well, instead of buying them in plastic containers, we can make them at home and put them in a reusable bottle. Sure you have the ingredients to do it (milk, cocoa, fruits, etc.), it is quick and easy.
  4. This tip is about school supplies. Look, how many things do they bring to school that are made of plastic? Surely the answer is almost everything. Well here we can also make changes. Instead of plastic markers, wooden pencils. A cloth toiletry bag instead of plastic? Square, bevel, ruler, etc. of wood.


You see that they are easy solutions to a great problem, the use of single-use plastic and the terrible consequences that they are causing on the planet.

In Menorca, we are committed to going to school without plastic!