Plastic Free Menorca colabora amb l'Education Lab de Hauser & Wirth

From 11st of May, the Education Lab of Hauser & Wirth Menorca returns to our island which, under the slogan "An invitation to look", offers a creative space that takes the artistic work of Eduardo Chillida as a referenceduring their stays in Menorca, inviting visitors to contemplate the landscape again, and, especially, the sea.  

As a starting point and inspired by Chillida's sculpture 'Homage to the Sea IV', Hauser & Wirth Menorca has offered various workshops with users of day centres throughout the island so that they can create their own tributes to the sea, recycling plastic waste collected from the beaches of Menorca by the Menorca Plastic Free Alliance. 

Through this interactive space, developed in collaboration with Chillida Leku, Hauser & Wirth Menorca seeks to connect visitors with the interactions that the renowned artist established with the Menorcan landscape and the elements that make it up, using a set of self-directed activities and the resources of the space.  

Finally, the initiative will complement the large exhibition of sculpture and work on paper 'Chillida en Menorca', which includes several of the works created during the time that the artist spent in Menorca. 


Photo: Stefan Altenburger Photography Zürich.


The Education Lab 

The Education Lab aims to provide a platform for discovery and dialogue, thereby reinforcing Hauser & Wirth's commitment to educational programs that foster dialogues between art, artists, and diverse audiences.  


About 'Chillida in Menorca' 

On the occasion of the centenary of Eduardo Chillida's birth and in collaboration with the Eduardo Chillida Estate, 'Chillida in Menorca' celebrates the artist's deep connection with the island through an outstanding selection of sculptures and work on paper, including several pieces created during his stays in Menorca. With more than sixty works created over half a century, from 1949 to 2000, the exhibition shows the full dimension of the sculptor's career. The concept of the presentation, designed by architect Luis Laplace with special attention to local materials, expands the artist's bond with the island and its natural environment.