Outings for collecting and analysing plastics

In 2023 we were able to manufacture two trommels and other instruments to collect and analyse plastics collected on beaches. Since then, we have offered the use of these equipment free of charge in educational centres and social entities as well as a first session with the accompaniment of the Coordinator of Plastic Free Menorca, to explain how they work, the methodology to measure the impact of cleaning (for example, kg of microplastics collected and estimation of the number of microplastics present in the beach) and the problem of microplastics.


The objective of these outings is, on the one hand, to visualise the plastic pollution that we suffer on the island through a field activity; on the other hand, to collect data on the characteristics of this pollution in order to assess the current situation. Some findings (biosupports, pellets, etc.) are reported to national and European follow-up projects.


We have the budget to be able to co-finance 50% of the transport to the beach by 5 educational centers for the 2024-2025 academic year thanks to the help received from Beyond Plastic Med.


We want the microplastics collected not to end up in manure, which is why if they do not want to be used for any activity of the entity, we would collect them to be used in the production of new manufactured products.


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