Nace el Compromiso Plastic Free Menorca y Hauser and Wirth es la primera empresa en obtener esta distinción

From Menorca Plastic Free Alliance we want companies in Menorca to feel, like us, the need to reduce the use of plastic and that is why we have set ourselves as one of the main objectives of the Alliance, to help companies contribute to an island with less plastic. The first year and a half we have been focused on Plastic Free Balearics, focused on companies in the HORECA sector. During this time, companies from other fields have contacted us to be part of Plastic Free Menorca and thus the Plastic Free Menorca Commitment (CPFM onwards) was born. The Hauser & Wirth art gallery is the first company to achieve this distinction.

The CPFM, an initiative of the Menorca Plastic Free Alliance, was born to accompany companies outside the HORECA sector that work or want to work on plastic reduction. To participate in the CPFM, companies must, at a minimum, comply with: Law 08/2019 on waste from the Balearic Islands; Law 7/2022 on waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy and, with EU Directive 2019/904, on waste management aspects. To this end, a guide has been published and the Menorca Without Plastic Alliance verifies that companies certainly comply with these regulations and that they are understanding them correctly. On the other hand, companies must draft a plastics reduction policy, that is, leave in writing their commitment to reduce the use of plastic based on the initial starting situation. To this end, the Alliance accompanies companies in analyzing their current situation and setting objectives in those areas or aspects in which they may have the capacity for influence and / or improvement. Companies should also actively seek solutions to reduce the use of single-use plastics and not replace them with bioplastics (plastics derived from plant products, such as soybean oil, corn or potato starch). The Commitment also seeks to extol the ability of companies to raise awareness, asking companies to share with customers their good practices and train their employees in them.

To participate in the CPFM, companies must fill out this contact form and then, the Coordinator of the Menorca Plastic Free Alliance will contact each company.