Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca!

The Plastic Free Menorca Alliance and Go Zero Waste are launching the project "Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca!", an initiative that aims to involve citizens in the reduction of plastic waste in Menorca through challenges and activities on a mobile application, while promoting local commerce. The project is funded by Menorca Preservation and Maó Town Council.


Go Zero Waste mobile application

The tool to participate in the project is a mobile application that can be downloaded from the website Moving Towards zero plastic in Menorca or from a number of posters that have been distributed throughout the island (shops, town halls, etc.).



Some of the challenges take the form of activities, seeking a closer and more dynamic interaction with the participants in the project. In this way, each month an activity will be proposed, ranging from online and face-to-face workshops, to lectures or the organisation of natural environment clean-up days.



Every month, a prize draw will be held among the people who participate in the project. The prizes will be: books, alternative products to plastic, vouchers for restaurants and other services, etc. The prizes are intended as a "reward" for those people who are acquiring good practices in the reduction of single-use plastics through the project.


The importance of participating in the reduction of single-use plastics

Plastic pollution is a serious environmental problem that emerged decades ago when single-use plastics entered our lives. Since then, plastics have been degrading in all ecosystems, both terrestrial and marine, affecting all living beings that live there; and they are being incorporated into natural processes such as rain, in the food chain and in natural resources such as water and air.

In Minorca, plastic pollution can be observed both in the marine and coastal environment with the presence of packaging, plastic products, pellets and microplastics and in the terrestrial environment where it is much too common to find abandoned plastic waste and products.

The main solution to avoid present and future plastic pollution in Menorca, and around the world, is to reduce the use and consumption of plastic products, especially single-use plastic products.