"Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca" continues in 2022

"Moving towards zero plastic in Menorca!" is a campaign to reduce the use of plastic on the island, jointly promoted by the Menorca Without Plastic Alliance and the startup Go Zero Waste, which has the support of the organizations Menorca Preservation and Beyond Plastic Med.
The campaign defines a set of good practices to reduce the use and pollution of plastics in the form of challenges, that is, concrete actions that must be carried out by both residents and visitors to the island. These challenges, classified into three difficulty levels, are available in the Go Zero Waste mobile app.

To overcome a challenge, a photograph must be taken and the technical team of the project verifies that it is correct. In this way, this challenge has been overcome and points are being added.

This second edition presents changes with respect to the previous one:

- New challenges have been defined and will be changed frequently.

- Each month 3 specific challenges are defined that must be carried out to participate in the bimonthly draw for two vouchers of € 50 to be spent in the companies adhering to the project.

- Every two months we present a "bingo" with 9 challenges to perform and, in this case, the first person who manages to overcome them, will take a direct prize of € 50 to spend in the companies adhered to the project.

- Improvements have been made to the app.

We encourage you all to participate and share this proposal that aims, in a different way, to reduce the use of plastic on the island.