Love without plastic

During the month of February, taking advantage of the Valentine's Day celebration, we have offered some tips to "love without plastic".

Thinking of making a gift this month or any other month to that person / s who have our heart stolen, we have proposed:

1. Cook your love. Do you want to give something sweet? Do it yourself! And also:

  • Buy the ingredients in bulk and bring your own container
  • Use a cardboard box or reusable container to put it
  • Wrap it in newspaper or cloth and especially with a lot of love!

2. Give a book to live without plastic. Today there is a varied bibliography to start living without plastic. In the resources section of this website, we suggest some books.

3. Natural clothing. If you plan to give a piece of clothing, better choose natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, etc.). Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, lycra or nylon give off microplastics when washed.

And the last tip of the month we have dedicated to "pleasure without plastic", because sex has also been plasticized. So we recommend:

  • Use natural oils for massages instead of buying them in plastic containers. Essential oils are more natural and come in glass containers and you can even learn how to make them yourself.
  • Try aphrodisiac foods like cinnamon, chocolate, ginger. etc. Pleasure can begin in the kitchen!
  • You can make your own lubricants, although it is very important that you inform yourself well and check the compatibility with contraception methods such as condoms.


You can check all the tips for love without plastic here.