An Alliance project receives funding from the BeMed Foundation

Each year, BeMed launches a call for microinidiciatives aimed at actions that try to correct plastic pollution in the Mediterranean region. Menorca Preservation and the Menorca Sin Plastic Alliance presented the project"Local knowledge and action where SUP in Menorca Biosphere Reserve"and has been selected, receiving a funding of 8,175 euros from the BeMed Foundation. The project also has ac o-financing by Menorca Preservation of 2,725 euros.

The project has a first part dedicated to conducting online surveys of citizens and companies and organizing workshops with the tourism sector and municipalities of the island to obtain a greater knowledge of current habits and opinions towards plastics as well as identify the main barriers that prevent the correct application of current legislation and face local challenges in reducing plasticin one use, better focusing on the actions and evaluation processes of the Alliance.

At the same time, the Alliance has been working for months on the plastic free Balearics certification, which will launch its pilot phase in the coming weeks and through which we intend to certify the first 20 businesses. After the summer 2021 we will need more resources to continue the certification,improving the aspects that have arisen from the pilot phase and the help received by BeMed and Menorca Preservation will allow us to continue strengthening this initial work plan,adding training to local entrepreneurs and workers to improve the potential results and impact of certifications. Certification is a paramount action for us for many reasons. On the one hand, it allows to have a direct and face-to-face contact with the company, knowing its obstacles and its needs and helping them to achieve a plastics-free activity through accompaniment and advice to companies. On the other hand, it guarantees the comfort of entrepreneurs and local workers while addressing the problem of plastic pollution and plastic-free alternatives thanks to the training action proposed in the project. It's important to make companies feel that they're not alone, we're here to help them comply with the law and go further down a plastic-free island.

The main beneficiaries of the initiative are:

The environment,working to reduce the presence of plastic that is both damaging terrestrial and marine ecosystems.
Citizens, aswe will be able to offer them better communication and solutions, in addition to living on an island with less plastic pollution.
 The companies, as we will offer a certification to reduce the use of single-use plastic and training for workers.
 The workers, improving the skills and knowledge of disposable plastics.
• The municipalities of the island, creating synergies between the Alliance and the municipalities to activate single-use plastic reduction plans.