Agriculture and Plastic. Part 2.

On Tuesday, January 31, the second training session dedicated to agriculture and plastics was given and has been included in the training program MENORCA PRESERVED.

This training is contemplated in Action Plan for the reduction of plastic pollution in Menorca 2030, drafted in 2021, by the IUCN and our alliance .

The second session was dedicated to exposing good practices to reduce the use of plastic in the different activities that are carried out in the field and we have the participation of two initiatives that are working to replace the alcochonado with plastic by other more sustainable alternatives. Aina Calafat, from the Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture, explained the project LifeAgropaper and, Miquel Serra, from the Asociación de Producción Ágraria Ecológica Mallorca He showed us the result of the biodegradable film mulching that has been carried out in Mallorca for a few years. Santo Domingo also commented on his experience with biodegradable film on his farm. 

This is how this first experience of Plastic Free Menorca with the agricultural sector ends and opening the door to new collaborations to accompany the companies and people dedicated to the agricultural sector of the island.