To celebrate International Women's Day we have gathered the testimony of 12 women who are an example of sensitivity and fight for a plastic-free island.


1 - REBECCA MORRIS - Director of Menorca Preservation

From Menorca Preservation we saw that plastic pollution was a threat to our island, so we decided to promote an alliance between various entities to achieve a Menorca Without Plastic together.

I am very proud of the work done and the many collaborative environmental initiatives we are developing. Let's keep adding!


2 - MARTA PÉREZ - Bachelor of Environmental Sciences and Coordinator of the Menorca Without Plastic Alliance

Since childhood I have admired nature, although over the years I have become more interested in how people relate to it.

I arrived in Menorca for the first time 20 years ago and since then I see how there is more and more plastic polluting the wonderful landscape of the island. I don't want to leave that inheritance to my daughters.

I am proud to coordinate and be part of this alliance of entities that want to act to stop plastic pollution on the island.


3 - JÚLIA TRIAY FLORIT - Diploma in fashion design and pattern making. Artisan knitting knitter. Participant in the project PescArt Menorca

I am

participating in the PescArt fishing net recovery project because I am committed to a Menorca without plastics.

The world of fashion is one of the most polluting on our planet and I want to do my bit to change this. Working the recycling of materials, using natural materials and making timeless and quality products.

With small actions of all we can change the world.


4 - SILVIA ANGLADA - Own kitchen of Es Tast de na Silvia. Gastronomic Ambassador of Menorca

As a cook committed to the island, we fight so that in our house the plastic of a single is 0, and thus contribute our small grain of sand to a cleaner island. Our restaurant has achieved 4 stars in the Plastic Free Balearics certification.

Small changes are powerful.


5 - NÚRIA SINTES - Director of the rural hotel Biniarroca and coordinator of the PescArt Menorca project

Menorca is the island where I was born and I feel a deep connection with it.

From Biniarroca, the rural hotel I manage, we work to achieve a positive impact from the perspective of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

This year they coordinate the PescART Menorca project. We encourage you to look, it is a very nice initiative!

It is a pride and a source of joy to be able to join initiatives that, at different levels, result in positive both locally and globally. Join us! Every little one counts.


6 - MAR ESCALVO - Director of Hauser & Wirth Menorca, which has been a pilot project of the Plastic Free Menorca Commitment

Since the beginning of Hauser & Wirth's project on King's Island, sustainability and care for this magical environment have been fundamental pillars.

We work to be an island without plastic and reduce our footprint in all gallery operations achieving the Plastic Free Menorca Commitment.


7 - ROCIO HERRERA - Creator of Punt Zero Menorca, Your sustainable and natural space

Punt Zero Menorca was born three years ago, convinced that it was necessary to offer more natural and sustainable products to citizens. We focus on bulk selling in food products, cleaning, personal hygiene. Since then, we have saved more than 10,000 packages in the purchase of these products.

Small daily acts generate great impact.


8 - MAGDA TRIAY - Artisan and artist

I collaborate in the task of reducing plastic waste and its impact on our island, creating art and crafts from recovered fishing nets.

On the other hand, for some time, I have been eliminating plastics in my day to day, replacing them with other more sustainable materials.


9 - MERI GARCÍA - Diving instructor and co-owner of Binibeca Diving

Scuba diving in an environment like Menorca makes us truly privileged. But the reality is that plastic pollution in the sea is serious and we must all take part.

From Binibeca Diving we practice responsible and sustainable diving, transmitting values of care and responsibility towards the seabed of the island. We work and strive every season to reduce our plastic footprint and we have achieved the Plastic Free Menorca Commitment.


10 - FRANCESCA BARONI - Owner and maître d' of El Romero Restaurant - Sustainable Catering

Being sustainable means being committed to our environment, to the place where we live and work.

Menorca allows us a very high quality of life and we have to return this beauty taking care of every detail. We believe that every day, with the collaboration of all responsible people, we can move towards a future without plastic.

We are especially proud to have achieved 4 stars of the Plastic Free Balears certification.


11 - ANJA SÁNCHEZ-RODRIGO WICKERS - CEO & Founder of Jardí de ses Bruixes Collection

At Jardí de Ses Bruixes Collection, our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability is something that drives us in everything we do.

Reducing plastic waste is a commitment we honor, which is why most of the products we use are Plastic Free: glass bottles, cloth sacks, large bulk containers for cleaning and laundry products, etc.

In short, it is our nature to think about the impact we have on our environment and become aware of our way of acting and managing to reduce it.


12 - ALBA CARBONELL - Co-founder of 0 Plastic Menorca

Des de 0 Plastic estem convençuts que el canvi social funciona per imitació. Cal impulse i donar visibilitat a persones i organitzacions referents que actuen reduint sa seva petjada de plàstic alhora que inspiren a altres per unir-se al canvi.

Menorca is an excel·lent escenari per identificar pioners i crear una gran xarxa d'influència per a la resta de territoris, per això ens enfoquem en treballar amb joves líderes a nivel ambiental així com amb empreses del sector turístic compromeses amb la conservació del medi ambient.


This project is supported by the Ministry of Social Rights of the Government of Spain and the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda.